FINGERPRINTS: DNA on a World Trade Center Revolving Door, 2001

Fingerprints by Hannelore Hahn

These are the fingerprints on the glass panels of a World Trade Center door as I saw them in the summer of 2001—illuminated for a moment by an oblique beam of the setting sun.

We will never know, of course, whose fingerprints they were, but we do know that each fingerprint is forever unique and belongs singularly to each human being who has ever lived.

This is the mystery and the glory of our cosmic connection. . . .

Since then, Ruth Sergel ( has collected hundreds of personal video testimonies surrounding this event. I am privileged to have been one of her interviewees:

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Note: Voices of 9.11 will be part of the exhibition Remembering 9/11 at the New York Historical Society September 8, 2011 – April 1, 2012.

With love and gratitude,

Hannelore Hahn
Summer 2011